World's Deadliest Mountains: Top 5 -

World’s Deadliest Mountains: Top 5

World's Deadliest Mountains: Top 5

There is nothing more fascinating than the mountains in this world. People have always tried conquering great heights, but, sadly, not all mountains have been kind to the climbers. A few of the world’s deadliest mountains are where people have lost their lives to falls, avalanches, high altitude fever, exposure, and violent storms.

Here we will be having a look at some names that people would avoid when trying to climb the summits of well-known ranges.

World's Deadliest Mountains: Top 5
World’s Deadliest Mountains: Top 5

World’s Deadliest Mountains: The Mount Everest

With its location on the China-Nepal border, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. This mountain range, which is also a part of the Greater Himalayas, claims more lives in comparison to the other mountains around the globe. The avalanches on this range have caused the majority of deaths.

However, serac collapses, fall injuries, frostbites, high-altitude problems, and adverse weather conditions have also cost lives. The air in the upper ranges of the Mount Everest is very thin for the climbers to get enough oxygen. Therefore, these ranges are considered death zone by climbers.

World’s Deadliest Mountains: Mount K2

Mount K2 is an 8, 611 meters tall range situated at the Pakistan-China border. Though the death numbers at this range are lower in comparison to what you will find on the Mount Everest, many climbers have come up with claims saying the Mt. K2 is more dangerous in comparison to Everest.

Several factors play an essential role in contributing to unsafe conditions on this mountain. These include harsh weather conditions, sudden storms, and its exposed and steep slopes. For the ones who might be in the lookout of accessible routes to the summit of this range, it would be an unsuccessful attempt. All the different ways to the mountain peak are loaded with dangers.

Mount Dhaulagiri

This mountain in Nepal boasts of an elevation of approximately 8, 167 meters, which makes it the seventh-largest range in the world. As far as the dangerous side of this mountain is concerned, it is the third deadliest mountain with eight deaths recorded during descent and 61 deaths during ascent.

You might be surprised to know that avalanches have been the single main reason behind deaths on this mountain. Falls and altitude sickness also claim many lives.

World's Deadliest Mountains: Top 5
World’s Deadliest Mountains: Top 5

Cho Oyu

This 8188-meter high mountain range is located on the Nepal-china border and is known for the least number of deaths recorded to date. It is also known for its record of a total of 3138 successful ascents. This trekking peak can be conquered successfully by climbers with the right fitness level. It also works great for beginners in mountaineering.

Mount Manaslu

Mount Manaslu is the eighth tallest range in the world measuring 8, 163 feet. However, it is also the fifth most dangerous mountain claiming 60 deaths during ascent and five deaths during descent. Most deaths on this mountain occurred due to avalanches though falls and altitude sickness have also played their part. Serac falls, falls in crevasses, and cold and exhaustion are other causes behind the loss of lives in this mountain.

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