What You Need To Know About Climbing

Climbing: A Typical And Adventurous Art

Mankind can be very curious about a lot of things, and climbing is one of them. Monkeys and other animals are naturally great climbers, but mankind can keep up as well. This is why a lot of people are becoming more interested in climbing, whether as a hobby or a sport. Here are the things that you need to know about them.

Climbing is an act in which one goes up on a large object. This object may be a tree, a mountain, a hill, a rope or a pole. One may use his body parts as well as some types of gears that are necessary for the climb.

Climbing: A Typical And Adventurous Art
Climbing: A Typical And Adventurous Art

Types Of Climbing


This is a type of climbing which is known to be very risky. That is because climbers do not use any safety ropes or other things. They only use their climb shoes. There is usually a guide who can give them an idea where the safety pad situated so that they can land safely.

Ice Climbing

When climbers choose an ice cliff or ice rock to climb, it is now known as ice climbing. Climbers usually use a piece of particular equipment to help them climb like ice axes, a crampon, and more.

A crampon is a piece of specialized equipment which is attached to the footwear of climbers. Hence crampon has some unique structures on it that can be used to support climbers, and can also be used when walking on ice.

several mountain climbers on cliff of rock mountain at daytime

Sport Climbing

When we talk about climbing, then it is very important to discuss sport climbing. This is more commonly known as rock climbing. This is where a climber uses an anchor, together with some ropes and other gears to climb on rocks. An anchor is a device which can be fixed to the climb object such as rocks.

Hence an anchor is attached to a rope which can get attached to the rocks and the climber will not be harmed.

Competition Climb

This is a formal and competitive sports popular in the world nowadays. Since it is a competition, organizers must ensure that there are no uncertainties. This is why they build their own hills that resemble natural ones for the contestants to climb. The organization known as IFSC is the one responsible for climbing competitions worldwide. In this competition, there are three main types of climbing such as bouldering, lead, and speed.

Traditional Climb

The traditional climb is also known as the trad climb. This is a very risky form of climbing. It is another type of climbing wherein climbers do not use any safety devices such as nuts, anchors, bolts or ropes. This is the natural way of going up the mountains or rocks, hence if is referred to as traditional.

Climbing: A Typical And Adventurous Art

Solo Climbing

If you are a daredevil and are not afraid of getting hurt, then solo climbing is for you. It is not advisable for any beginner to try this since it can be very dangerous and you can seriously get hurt. The dolor climber does not have anyone who helps him to direct the path. The helper, which is known as belay, usually acts as a guide.

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