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What Makes Speed Climbing Difficult?

About Speed Climbing

Climbing is a kind of sport wherein you must always be focused on what you are doing at all times. It can be very dangerous so climbers are trained to be mindful at all times. However, there is such thing known as speed climbing, wherein it is all about who can reach the top of the wall fastest. The walls used for speed climbing is called climbing walls. It is important that you know about all the safety measures for this particular sport. Professionals often train athletes for this sport in the gym as well as in other training institutions. Speed climbing is basically a form of rock climbing, but just within the luxury of the four walls and under the roof. Climbers will be able to climb quickly without any hassle since they are indoors.

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Apart from this basic understanding that you should have in order to watch and enjoy a speed climbing competition, there is some other basic knowledge that you should know as well.

Height Of The Wall

The international standard for the wall used in competition is 15 feet high. Two different lanes that both have 10 feet wide each. This gives climbers enough space to move and help them show off their agility to perfection. The wall that is standardized to be slanted in exactly 5 degrees. It also has a definite pattern that works worldwide. The way or route that will be climbed remains the same throughout.

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Climbing Standards Are One

These standards are there for a reason. The IFSC or the International Federation For Sports Climbing made some legit measurements in case of speed. It also focuses on having equal standards for attempts on world records for this sport. Back in the day, there were no standard measures. Climbers must try to climb once more to beat the existing world record at the time. Due to the standardized measurements, you do not need to compete once again. You can simply compete in a particular venue and challenge the speed of the recorded climber.

The grades that you get ranges from 5.10a to 5.10c. The fun fact is that the more you train, the more you get the hang of all the holds that the wall provides. The better you train, the better it is for you to go up as if you are just fly on the wall. You will be able to memorize all of the holds and figure out which one can you skip. It works more as a reflex rather than a conscious decision.

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In the Olympics

If you are a climber and if you are wondering if you should train harder? You definitely should. Because this sport is going to be a part of the Olympics that is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2020.

Though there are not many climbers who train in all three types of climbing, you could be one of them. Extreme training is needed if you wish to be a part of it.

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