Mountain Climbing Is A Great Workout -

Mountain Climbing Is A Great Workout

Danger Ratings Climbing For Climbers

For a lot of people, mountain climbing can be an extreme form of workout. Climbing the mountain may be the difficult part, but then you also need to go down the mountain, which can be even more difficult for some.

For mountain climbers, it may not be very easy but since they know what they are doing, they can manage. If you are doing a plank position, you have to bring your knee in and out and speed up your move while climbing.

It seems simple, but mountain climbers have to exercise their entire body to increase their heart rate. You have to do a special workout for your quads and core. You have to be physically fit since you will be pulling your body up. Amateurs can train in the gym that has rock climbing facilities, but once you know you are doing well enough, you can do it on a real mountain.

Benefits Of Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is good for building core strength, agility, and cardio endurance. It will improve every single part of the body. It’s similar to exercising but you are only doing it with just one exercise.
By doing it every single day, your body will start to get used to it. You should learn how to stabilize your upper body by working out your arms, chest, and shoulder, then the core stabilizes the rest of your body. You will gain many health benefits, and can even burn calories.

How To Do Mountain Climbers

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Do the plank position and ensure your weight should get evenly distributed between your hands and toes.
  • Your back should be flat.
  • Try to pull your knee as much as you can.
  • Then switch knee in and out.
  • Keep moving your knee in and out while breathing properly with each leg movement.

Most Common Mistakes

Bouncing On Your Toes

You have to exercise properly in order to maximize the benefits of climbing, but at the same time, you have to take care of yourself if ever you have injuries. As a beginner, mistakes are bound to happen like bouncing on your toes while doing the move. It can be avoided once you get a hang of it.

Not Letting Your Toes Touch The Ground

Another common mistake you can make is when you speed up and it can lead to you failing to complete the movement by letting your toes touch the ground while you bring your knees to your chest. If you are doing this, you will not be able to get the full benefit of the exercise and you might get injured.

How To Do Mountain Climbers

Safety and Precautions

  • Mountain climbers depend on how you hold a proper plank position.
  • Keep your hands and arms straight.
  • Keep back straight and flat.
  • Your hips should be down.

For ensuring that your move is safe, check the proper form for planking. There is a chance that you might get injured while performing a plank with poor form. It is a great workout for your shoulders and knees. However, this type of workout may not be suitable for pregnant women or for those who recently had surgery. Consult your doctor first.

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