Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb -

Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb

Kilimanjaro is a mountain which is located and the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. It’s on the continent, Africa. And it’s said that Kilimanjaro is one of the hardest summit night. This climb can take around 8 to 10 hours to reach the summit. But when you reach there, it is one of the most special movements or achievements for anyone who reached the summit.

Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb
Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro is also known as one of the most dangerous things to climb. The climb is very challenging, and every year, it is said that around a thousand people evacuate from that mountain. But anyone who wants to climb Mount Kilimanjaro needs to know that what is the right time to climb. It’s not difficult to tell that what is the right time to climb because this Mount is in the region which does not have any extreme winter or summer weather situation. But it was a wet season and dry season. 

The Best Time To Climb

According to the weather situation an experience, it is said that the best time to climb the Mount is to be the warmest and the driest month, which is the best climbing.  You can climb whenever you want to climb, but the few things that you need to know are the primary issue which can cause abstraction while climbing. The primary issue that you need to look for is safety. Its because weather change can increase many risks while climbing. And this risk can cause death. While climbing, you may face rain, mud, ice, snow, or cold. Therefore it is very important to know that what is the best time to climb because if you choose the right time to climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, then your chances of a successful summit will increase.

Kilimanjaro: Time To Go

January February July August September October is a recommended period for climbing. It’s because in this month the temperature is form and cloudiness is low; therefore, it’s suitable weather to climb. 

March June and December are also good periods for climbing at this point in time. The temperature is moderate, and the cloudiness is medium.

Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb
Mount Kilimanjaro: The Best Time To Climb

But we will not recommend you to climb in April May or November. It’s because at this point the cloudiness is at a high level and the weather can be changed suddenly.

It is not written anywhere that you need a specific month to climb, but safety is one of the most important things white climbing. And if you choose the wrong month, then it will decrease your chances of completing your summit successfully.

Climber Prefer To Summit During A Full Moon

When the full moon lighted the mount Kilimanjaro, the view is amazing. Look so beautiful that you can’t resist without looking at it. Just because of this reason, many climbs use to schedule their track during a full moon. However, the practical reason behind this time of climbing is because of the bright moon and the clear sky improve visibility, which makes it easy to climb. 

You can go climbing anytime you can choose the time which suits you but look for your safety first so that you can enjoy your climb.

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