Great Climbing Techniques To Help You Out -

Great Climbing Techniques To Help You Out

Some Good Climbing Techniques

Climbing is such an adventurous sport. This is why great climbers need to learn climbing techniques to make their way to the top. These techniques are known to be a set of moves that are designed to help them in any situation. If you want to become a good climber, then you should learn these techniques. Remember that practice is the best way to improve your skills.

Climbing Techniques

It is very important to know these techniques. Keep in mind that learning is a process and practice takes time. It might take a while for you to become great, but surely once you get a hang of it then you’ll move forward. You’ll soon find it easy. Here are some of the key concepts are that you need to remember:

·        Different ways to use your feet

·        Maintain balance

·        Efficiency

Some Good Climbing Techniques
Some Good Climbing Techniques

Using Your Feet

Your feet play a major role when you climb. They are known to be the foundation of climbing. A lot of beginners try to pull themselves up to the wall without using their feet much and they get tired easily because of it. When you climb on a ladder, you will not pull yourself up just by using your hands and arms. Using your feet is very important in any form of climbing.

The basic techniques for using your feet are:

·        Edging: You have to step on hold with the rubber on the edge of your shoe. This can be done by using the inside edge, your toe will offer stability on smaller holds, but it can also be done by using the outside edge. It depends on the direction you are trying to take.

·        Smearing:  It is useful when you don’t have an actual foothold, so you are dependent on your shoes’ rubber for friction against the rock. It is useful in slab climbing when you climb on the low-angle rock where there are no defined footholds.

When you smear, always find depressions that will provide you with a little extra friction. You can also use flat-angled shoes for them.

Footwork Tactics

When you climb always remember the following footwork tactics:

  1. Always try to keep your feet directly below you to maintain better balance.
  2. Always focus on foot placements more than the handholds.
  3. After keeping your foot, stand still so that you can have a better balance. 
  4. You should keep your heel low so that you have plenty of contact with the wall.  
Some Good Climbing Techniques

Maintaining Balance

When you are leaning straight up the wall, the climbing is pretty easy, but when you’re on a route where you have to move in different directions, body balance can be very difficult.

Balancing tactics:

  1.  In order to create counter-pressure to maintain balance, always press your foot in the opposite direction of the pull
  2. Always pull yourself in the opposite direction with your other hand.
  3. Use your body weight as a counterbalance.
man mountain climbing during daytime

 Climbing Efficiently

For climbing efficiently, don’t power up, remember to always use less energy, and give your muscles a break during the climb:

  1. Straight arms are happy arms. 
  2. Good climbers climb with their eyes.
  3. Focus on your hips.
  4. Always find a good resting place.
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