A Beginner’s Guide To Indoor Rock Climbing

Guide For Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is one of the most thrilling and exciting sports that can be done anywhere in the world. Whether it is outdoor or indoor rock climbing, it is a great sport that is beneficial for the mind and body.

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If you are a beginner and want to become a pro on rock climbing, we recommend starting with an indoor wall since it will help give you good experience without facing real-life difficulties like wind or rain. The weather affects outdoor rock climbing. With strong winds and the extreme heat of the sun in some places, it can be very difficult for a beginner. So indoor rock climbing is the best way to go for now.

Guide For Indoor Rock Climbing
Guide For Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Styles

Top Rope Climbing

It is one of the common climbing styles so you might want to start with this. The climber is securely tied to a rope which is attached to an anchor system at the top. Below the climber, there is another person who will assist you.

In climbing gyms, there are trained staffs who will assist your climb, and they will catch you in case you fall. You also have a rope that is secured so you got nothing to worry about. If your companion is an experienced climber, he or she can also assist you in this process.


This is the newest form of climbing and it is a style in which you will freely climb on a wall without either a harness or a rope. Boulders are placed close to the ground. It will help you when it comes to practicing your grip and your ability to move from one place to the other.

If you want to avoid any injury, there are thick padded mats placed on the floor in case you fall. Bouldering is such a good way to build your physical strength and skill set. If you want to test your upper body strength, this is the perfect way to start.

Lead Climbing

After practicing indoor rock climbing walls and you are now comfortable with it, you can start with lead climbing. It is when you attach yourself to the bolts within the route. When you climb, you should quickly attach yourself to the face of the route by clipping yourself on.

Lead climbing requires more effort and practice in order to clip the rope into the quickdraw. You should learn about rope positioning and how to fall properly once you’re done.

Guide For Indoor Rock Climbing
Guide For Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Locations

There are surely some indoor rock climbing locations available near you so you start learning. You may get on Google and read the reviews from different gyms or recreational centers where they have it. You should also check out the necessary gears required as well as the safety measures to avoid injuries.

Safety and Gear

Before you start to climb, the most important thing you must check is your gear. The climbing harnesses and ropes are the safety gears that have to remain in good condition. If they are old or worn out, try another gym.

Here are the following things you should check before you join the climbing gym:

·        Harness

·        Locking carabiners quality

·        Shoes and Other gears

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