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A Beginner’s Guide To Free Climbing

Free climbing is one of the types of rock climbing in which the climber may use safety gears or climbing equipment, which is for protection against any injury in case they fall. The climber will freely move without any equipment and assistance while going up with the help of physical ability, hand-holding, and foot holding to move over the rock.

 It may include solo climbing,  sport climbing, and bouldering. Free climbing can have different multi-pitch routes as well; you can free-climb on each of its pitches routes. At the end of each pitch, climbers anchor themselves to belay stations and rest. If they fail to climb a pitch, they can use a rope to return back at the beginning and try it again.

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Methods And Technique

Free climbing is different, but some principles are the same. Climbing with a smooth hand, proper feet coordination, maintaining balance, and flexibility are some of the important aspects. They also play a major role during any type of climbing. You should take any beginner or advanced course training before starting any trip.

Rules And Guide For Free Climbing
Rules And Guide For Free Climbing

Style Of Free Climbing

There are no rules for this sport. Free climbers can move upward by simply holding onto cracks and edges. As a climber, you will gain health benefits from climbing. It was observed that climbers have healthier bodies and less fat than non-climbers, climbing also increases cognitive function. But at the same time, there are many risks associated with climbing. You can get injured severely on your hand, arms, knees, feet, and head.

Climbing has become more popular than the past couple of years, and there is a string of climbers joining the climbing gyms. They have their own social community and interact with one another.

Sport climbers attempt complex ascents until they achieve their goal. Here are a few things that can challenge you.

  1. You should make your first try by climbing a route without any knowledge of the path.
  2. Flawless trip.
  3. Enhancing climbing skills.

The following styles are to be avoided.

  1. Climbing inspections
  2. Taking a rest on the rope
  3. Pre-placing gear
  4. Practice through falling
Rules And Guide For Free Climbing
Rules And Guide For Free Climbing

Common Misunderstandings

Free climbing is misunderstood and often misused. Here are some of the misunderstandings you need to be aware of.

1.   Free climbing is always confused with free soloing, wherein the climber willfully takes a risk and climbs with just one’s hands, feet, and body without any rope or protective equipment.

2.   People get confused between soloing a free climb and free soloing, “soloing” is the activity in which a climber goes up alone with no partner, which can be done with the help of self-belaying systems.

Free climbing is a sport for adventurous climbers who want to take risks. Without using equipment and safety gears, the chances of accidents are high. Still, for the breathtaking experience, you can try it once if you find the courage. It will make your climbing journey a thrilling experience.

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