Climbing: A Typical And Adventurous Art

While some are into swimming to the deepest depths of the oceans, there are those who find solace in climbing made up rock formations or artificial rock walls. This art of rock climbing, performed without the use of any harness is Bouldering. The extreme version of this is the opening scene of Mission Impossible 2, where Tom Cruise is climbing and leaping from mountain walls. Since that can be too much of task for many, most are happy making this mission possible by practicing it indoors. 

The History And Science Of Bouldering

Bouldering started as a method of training mountaineers to hone their skills in a safe environment. Practicing specific moves without ropes or harness at a safe distance from the ground helps build stamina and increase finger strength. Bouldering would be the first step in the path of a free solo climber. 

Historically, bouldering has its roots in the Golden age of Alpinism. The years between 1854 and 1865 witnessed many peaks in the Alps being climbed upon for the very first time.

It was a mix of scientific pursuit and a sport, with many climbers carrying diverse scientific equipment up to mountain top to help in scientific observation.

Bouldering - A Mission Possible
Bouldering- A Mission Possible

Good To Know

Coming back to the present age, Bouldering enthusiasts need only a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk. Shoes to firmly support their feet and chalk, to ensure their hands don’t sweat. Though this sport is safe, yet even shortfalls can have a high impact, should you hit the safety pads the wrong way.  A word of caution to those who are getting lured into trying this out on their own. Building muscle strength, both in the upper body and the lower body, is a vital prerequisite to this sport. Thinking that it will only be your legs that will bear the brunt is wrong. Hanging onto walls, without any ropes to arrest your fall, requires a lot of hand power to sustain that climb and maintain it.

Bouldering - A Mission Possible
Bouldering- A Mission Possible

A Few Worthy Tips If Considering Bouldering

Do keep in mind a few wise words while new to bouldering. We did say that upper body strength is vital, but, the legs play as important a role as any. They can do more for you. Standing on your feet, wearing the right pair of shoes, can be a solid help. The shoes must only be bought from stores that understand the art and the precise science that Bouldering is. Refrain ordering your pair from Amazon or any other online portal. Go to a store, try them on and see how they feel. This can be definitely be a deal-breaker.

If you are at the beginning of your bouldering stint, it is advisable to go slow. Don’t get into the serious stuff right away. Always ask for professional help. This would also ensure that you get to try different angles and steep climbs, for this is where most get skeptical on how to proceed. 

Like with any other sport, Bouldering too requires dedication, patience and strength. If you feel like you aren’t making enough progress, remind yourself why you started in the first place- to have fun and because you can! Go on, one climb at a time. 

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