Beginner’s Guide to Bouldering Problems

Free Climbing A Type Of Rock Climbing

Bouldering is the modern form of climbing, and it doesn’t require walls or o knots. It is one of the most common forms of indoor climbing. It is a fun activity and a great way to learn or spend some good time. Bouldering is a type of climbing that don’t use ropes for protection but instead use pads.

It does not mean to take you high off the ground; the most boulder problems are not more than 12 or 15 feet tall. Many of the boulder problems are 15 feet high, but still, they are protected by pads. These climbs are similar to sport routes and still termed as boulders. Thelong and tall boulder  problems remove the thin line between bouldering and free soloing. Boulder problems focus on power and technique over long-term endurance. They are short term sequence.  Bouldering is not considered less difficult — boulder problems have different levels of difficulty on longer routes.

Beginner’s Guide to Bouldering Problems
Beginner’s Guide to Bouldering Problems

Bouldering Problems Grades

Climbing grades are similar to school grades for a student. But boulders don’t cause much stress and focus on them.  Grades are a way for climbers to communicate with each other to know about the difficulty of problems.

The two types of grading boulder problems are “V Scale” and “Font Scale.” V Scale is used in North America & Oceania. Font Scale is used in Europe & Asia


  • Green = Font Scale
  • Purple = V Scale

Gear For Bouldering

Bouldering sport requires very fewer equipment. You needclimbing shoes for starting your journey. You can buy them or rent it from your local climbing gym. You can also add a chalk bag or climbing chalk.

For starting your bouldering trip, you need to pull your shoes, chalk up and start climbing. Ropes and harness are not needed. It is one of the cheapest and accessible types of climbing.

Beginner’s Guide to Bouldering Problems
Beginner’s Guide to Bouldering Problems

Buy A Crash Pad And Accessories

When you want to move outside and start climbing outside, you can buy your own crash pad. Pads are portable mattresses , they are available in different shapes and sizes. With this, you can also buy some of the accessories. Some essentials are needed for bouldering. Here we have listed some accessories:

  1. Hangboard — It is a training tool
  2. Climbing brush — It is used to brush off chalk
  3. File — to remove calluses
  4. Salve — To help in healing damaged skin
  5. Liquid chalk or chalk ball — It is require to limit chalk dust
  6. Climbing tape — It is for taping up your fingers
  7. Grip strengthener —To build grip strength
  8. Climbing clothing — You need durable and perfect climbing shorts and pants.

You have to keep all these things in mind and enjoy the process. It is popular due to less complexity and can be done inside climbing gym or outside also. The safety risk is also less, and you can enjoy without facing any adverse condition.You can enjoy the thrill and adventure with the bouldering sport. Get ready for it.

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