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4 Best Boots for Ice Climbing

Boots for Ice Climbing

If you have been rock climbing for some time and love the sport, it may be time to try ice climbing. Ice climbing is different in that instead of dry terrain, you will be climbing in ice-covered terrain in subzero-degree environments. If you love to climb and can tolerate the cold, this may be something you want to try. The techniques and methods for ice climbing are very similar to those of regular climbing. However, due to the different environment and climbing surface, the equipment will be a bit different. The first difference is in your boots for ice climbing. While rock climbing shoes can grip the rock and provide traction, they would do very little in an ice-covered environment.

Therefore, ice climbers need to take a pair of boots for ice climbing. These boots provide enough insulation to keep your feet warm and dry and protected from the snow that may threaten to enter.

Best Boots for Ice Climbing
Best Boots for Ice Climbing

Boots for Ice Climbing: La Sportive Nepal GTX

La sportive Nepal GTX boot has been the standard-bearer for technical ice climbing boots for nearly two decades. A highly versatile and remarkably comfortable boot which is very lighter than any competing models of climbing boots. These boots can keep the climber’s feet warm in the ice. However, you may love these boots for the addition of the removable tongue, which can move down and up to add the padding or for the more space. Thus, it may be a great choice for ice climbing.

La Sportive Olympus Mountaineering Boot

Olympus mountaineering boot is perhaps the most popular and remarkable double boot on the market for extreme cold. The heat-moldable, uber-comfortable inner boot accommodates a massive range of foot sizes. However, the outer boot’s dual boa closures can easily adjust with one hand and don’t require anything. Hence, in the frozen area, it should be an excellent choice for climbing purposes.

Scarpa Phantom Tech

Scarpa phantom is the best boot for ice climbing. These boots are significantly warmer, lighter, durable, and more comfortable boot from any other boots. While deciding the boot for the ice climbing, then always think about the feet safety in that subzero-degree environment. Most significantly, Scarpa boots have the waterproof HDry outsole that keeps safe the feet and gives a warm ambiance to the feet.

Boots for Ice Climbing: Scarpa Phantom 6000

Boots for Ice Climbing: Scarpa Phantom 6000
Boots for Ice Climbing: Scarpa Phantom 6000

Of all the technical double boots list, the Scarpa phantom offers the best performance, feel, and construction. This Scarpa model is perfect for the giant ice routes in the Alaska ascents and the Canadian Rockies. In terms of structure, this Scarpa boot provides ample padding, and warmth, and a great defense against the frozen ground. Thus, this boot can be the ultimate choice for ice climbing.

If you are determined to go for ice climbing, then these boots can be an excellent choice for you. Apart from that, you might choose these boots if you are the defense member of the cold region. These boots will provide the ultimate warmth and comfort to the user.

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